Mom Deserves a Mimosa

Not able to whip up the spectacular Mother’s Day brunch that mom deserves? Don’t sweat it. Nothing will make her happier that a mimosa – and that’s a recipe anyone can master!

(Do two ingredients constitute a recipe?)

If you’ve boozed through your share of brunches, you’ll know that everyone crafts their mimosas differently. HINT: The best restaurants let you DYI – not only can you pour them as you like, you pester your server less, and you don’t need to feign embarrassment when ordering your third drink. And while a lot of people aim to hit that 50/50 ratio, we think the ultimate mimosa needs just a splash of OJ (or, when we’re counting calories, even just a droplet!).

How do you like your mimosas? Unlimited is key – I trust we can agree on that much 😊


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