Robot Bartenders



Robot Bartenders Mixology Perfected by Technology

Robot Bartenders
The Tipsy Robot Drinks

2 Robot Bartenders. 8 Humans.
Endless Possibilities.

So let’s talk about Robot Bartenders. Yeah, you heard me, Robot Bartenders.

Tipsy Robots Robot Bartenders come to Las Vegas with its’ dual robotic bartending team allows you to create an almost limitless number of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink combinations by accessing a simple app. The cocktail creations will then be assembled by two robotic arms, whose movements – shown on a large display positioned behind the bar – mimic the actions of a bartender, from the shaking of a martini to the thin slicing of a lemon garnish to the muddling of a mojito. – Tipsy Robot How it Works

I became of age in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, back in the beginning of the 70’s. The first thing on our minds, meaning me and my best friends, or what you abbreviate to BFF today, was walking into a bar. Then being asked for our I.D. and smirking at the bartender for not knowing we were finally of age.  The big 21, that was what we all looked forward to. And of course, the bartender, who served us our fluffy cocktails because we weren’t aware of what a real drink was.

Bartender, the person who gave you a smile, and wiped down the bar. The person who told you that you looked great tonight. Bartender, the person who in time became your best friend and confidant. Bartender, when you had a bad day and ended up drinking one too many, put you in a cab so you would get home safe.

Robot Bartender seems to ring hollow. cold, and silent.  They can’t hear your words or give you advice. You can’t be friends with a Robot Bartender. Robot Bartender, doesn’t know when you’ve had too much to drink. Robot Bartender and can’t call that cab or make sure you get an Uber.

It’s a hoot to try a Robot Bartender.It’s a blast to experience the newness with family and friends. However when it comes down to it, Bartender is the way to go.


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